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The International Myeloma Foundation Applauds Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for Signing SB 300 (The Cancer Treatment Fairness Act) into Law

Today in Milwaukee cancer patient advocates, including myeloma Support Group members Linda Chowa and Mary Sandberg, at right, looked on as Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed the Cancer Treatment Fairness Act (SB 300) into law, making Wisconsin the 30th state to enact anticancer drug parity legislation. "This bill shows that our voices do indeed make a difference, because SB 300 was on its deathbed just three weeks ago, and today it is law," said Sue Enright, Midwest Director of Support Groups for the International Myeloma Foundation. "Thank you to every patient, family member, friend, healthcare professional and advocate who relentlessly stood with us throughout this long journey, and to our Wisconsin legislators who voted in favor of the bill." 

Black Swan, Salamanca, and the FDA: A Highly Sensitive New Myeloma Test Debuts
A significant event in the evolution of the IMF's Black Swan Research Initiative® occurred this past weekend in Salamanca, Spain. On March 21-22, the IMF-EuroFlow Workshop focused on a breakthrough in the standardized detection of minimal residual disease (MRD) in myeloma using a new automated and highly sensitive flow cytometry technique. "More than 70 participants from 13 countries gathered to learn the exciting details," writes Dr. Brian Durie, IMF Chairman and Co-Founder, in this week's blog.

Congressman Brian Higgins Recognizes March as National Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month on House Floor

Congressman Brian Higgins (NY-26), a member of the House Cancer Caucus, spoke on the House Floor to recognize National Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month and to advocate for increased funding for medical research and passage of H.R. 1801, the Cancer Drug Coverage Parity Act

Jamaica Support Group spreading Myeloma Awareness on the radio
Monica Taylor, Jamaica MM Support Group leader, spreads Myeloma Awareness in an interview by Sharon Duffus-Grant of TBC Radio, Kingston, Jamaica. The interview was aired on Friday March 21.

The International Myeloma Foundation Secures Congressional Resolution Recognizing March 2014 as “National Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month”

The New Normal: Life After the Diagnosis
Palm Coast Florida couple Arnie and Maxine Levine shares how they have adapted their lifestyle to deal with living with Multiple Myeloma in an uplifting news article published in the Palm Coast Observer.

Clinical Trial for Newly Diagnosed Myeloma Patients
A clinical trial is enrolling newly diagnosed myeloma patients at over 100 medical centers in North America and Europe. This is a Phase 3 clinical trial in which the investigational oral drug MLN9708 is being studied in multiple myeloma to determine whether MLN9708 – taken in combination with lenalidomide and dexamethasone – may potentially slow the disease growth. Patients will have a 50 percent chance to receive either MLN9708 in combination with lenalidomide plus dexamethasone or a placebo in combination with lenalidomide plus dexamethasone. To learn more about this study and how to participate

Missouri Passes Oral Anticancer Law
On March 19th, Governor Jay Nixon of Missouri signed SB 668, the Cancer Treatment Fairness Act, into law, making Missouri the 29th state to pass oral anticancer treatment legislation. This law puts in place a cap of $75 per prescription per month for oral anticancer medications under private insurance plans. Thanks to the great work of our Missouri ACTION team, who delivered over 375 postcards to Governor Nixon requesting his signature on the bill, many more cancer patients in Missouri will have affordable access to all anticancer treatments. Catch up on what is happening in seven other states with As the Bill Turns: Episode 11.

Florida Support Group Promotes Myeloma Awareness Month on the Radio
Florida Panhandle Multiple Myeloma Support Group members are using their voices during Myeloma Awareness Month. Support group members Sarah Davis, Mike Davis, and Sheila Wilson were interviewed on the radio in Panama City, Florida by Powell Broadcasting's Tiffany "Flip Flop" Dunning about myeloma, treatment options, recent advances, and advocacy. The interview aired on Sunday, March 16th on four Florida radio stations, and the archive can be heard

Watch the replay of Living Well with Myeloma Teleconference Series "Chemo Brain - Is It Real?"
Watch the replay of the Living Well with Myeloma: Chemo Brain - Is it Real? Teleconference.

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