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The IMF's Nurse Leadership Board Publishes a Study in Cancer Medicine
Congratulations to the members of the International Myeloma Foundation’s Nurse Leadership Board (NLB) on the publication of their manuscript, "Lack of Health Maintenance Exams and Risk in Myeloma Patients,” in the journal Cancer Medicine. Dr. Joseph D. Tariman, a founding member of the NLB, is the lead author of this collaborative research paper, which discusses health maintenance and preventative care practices of multiple myeloma patients. The NLB appreciates the leadership of Charise Gleason, MSN, NP and Dr. Lonial Sagar, who provided guidance in all aspects of Institutional Review Board submission and for his insights on manuscript development and revisions.

Myeloma Treatment Recommendations Should Come from the Experts
A myeloma drug cost-assessment report that IMF Chairman Dr. Brian Durie wrote about in his blog last week continues to raise eyebrows—and considerable ire—among patients. They worry the report’s findings could limit treatment access. As a May 26th hearing on the draft ICER report draws near, Dr. Durie argues that the International Myeloma Working Group offers a superior framework for treatment decision-making recommendations. To read his blog, click HERE.

Make Your Voice Heard by May 9th on Myeloma Treatment Pricing Recommendations
Last week, IMF Chairman Dr. Brian Durie wrote a blog post entitled “ICER Report: Could a Flawed Approach to Cost-Effectiveness Assessment Put Patients at Risk?”. In this post, he issued a call for myeloma patients to voice their concerns to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) about recommendations from the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review, and to encourage CMS not to take them into account when making coverage decisions. For more information on how to comment, and specific talking points to help you craft your message, click HERE. The window to comment is closing, so make sure you take action today!

Flawed Approach to Assessing Value of Myeloma Treatment Puts Patients at Risk
Flawed Approach to Assessing Value of Myeloma Treatment Puts Patients at Risk From the American Society of Clinical Oncology to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, a growing number of institutions are attempting to assess the cost-effectiveness of myeloma treatments. In his blog this week, IMF Chairman Dr. Brian Durie responds to the hue and cry over the latest such effort, a report entitled “Treatment Options for Relapsed or Refractory Multiple Myeloma.” Its pricing recommendations, writes Dr. Durie, have “serious implications and serious flaws.” To read Dr. Durie’s blog, click HERE.

IMF Board Member Dr. Edith Mitchell Named to Cancer Moonshot Advisory Panel
Edith Mitchell, M.D., Professor of Medical Oncology and researcher at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Thomas Jefferson University was appointed one of 28 cancer experts that will provide input on Vice President Joe Biden’s Cancer Moonshot Initiative.

The IMF Continues European Expansion with New Partnership with Belgian Patient Group
The IMF continues to extend our educational seminars in Europe, and we are proud to announce a new collaboration with the Belgian group MYMU (Association de patients atteints de Myèlome). The first IMF/MYMU Patient & Family Seminar wil be held in April 2017 in Brussels, Belgium. The president of MYMU, Thierri Barbieux (at right), will invite French- and Flemish-speaking Belgian patients to participate, as well as myeloma experts from both Belgium and France. For more information about the MYMU, click HERE.

International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) Funds First Large-Scale Screening to Identify and Treat Precursor of Blood Cancer Before Disease Develops

 Prospective Data on How to Monitor MGUS Could Alter Myeloma Treatment Management

NIH Funding: How It Benefits You as a Patient webinar
Watch the replay of the webinar titled, NIH Funding: How it Benefits You as Patient. The webinar focuses on the importance of advocating for research funding at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), specifically how certain programs, such as grants for young, emerging researchers and funding for clinical trials, impact myeloma patients. Also discussed will be how you can get involved in advocacy activities to help increase funding and spur new advances in scientific research that will benefit you as a patient.

The IMF Helped Mike Katz...Then He Grew Addicted to Helping Others
When IMF Board member Jason Katz’s father, Mike Katz, was diagnosed with myeloma, there was a scarcity of information about the disease. But with the help of the International Myeloma Foundation, Jason recalls, his father became more informed about his illness. The IMF introduced Mike to patient care, explained treatment options, and allayed his deepest fears. In an interview with Cure magazine, Jason recalls how his father conquered his fears and survived with myeloma for 25 years. “Once he started helping people, he just got addicted,” said Jason. To watch the video, click HERE.

City of Los Angeles Proclaims "International Myeloma Foundation Day" in Honor of IMF President Susie Novis Durie
The City of Los Angeles marked Myeloma ACTION Month this week by honoring the International Myeloma Foundation and IMF President and Co-Founder Susie Novis Durie in a ceremony at City Hall. Susie was presented with official City of Los Angeles Resolution designating Wednesday, March 30, 2016 as “International Myeloma Foundation Day in the City of Los Angeles.” Susie thanked the City Council and said: “The one thing I want to stress if you have an idea, don't be afraid to move that idea forward. Don't be afraid to let it grow. The IMF started with three people, and today, we have over 400,000 members in 140 countries around the world. The most exciting news is, thanks to our Black Swan Research Initiative, we're on the brink of finding a cure for myeloma.”

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