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Cumulus Cares Multiple Myeloma Radio Interview with Rhode Island Support Group

Carol Murray Rossi, Support Group Leader of the Rhode Island group did a radio segment with Amy Pontes of Cumulus Cares. 

Support Group Leader Brings Awareness to Little-Known Cancer

Arlene Preisendorf, co-leader of the Grand Island NE Support Group, highlights her experience with Multiple Myeloma and how the support group has helped her and others better understand the disease.

Spreading Myeloma Awareness in Jamaica
Monica Taylor, chairperson of Jamaica Multiple Myeloma Support Group, tells her experience with Multiple Myeloma and how she started helping others afflicted with the disease through the help of the International Myeloma Foundation.

Watch the 2014 Boca Raton Patient and Family Seminar webcast
We kick off Myeloma Awareness Month 2014 by live streaming our signature Patient & Family Seminar from Boca Raton, Florida!

IMF Support Group Leader Profiled Following Tom Brokaw's Myeloma Announcement
Tom Brokaw's announcement of his multiple myeloma diagnosis has put myeloma in the spotlight recently. But myeloma has been on Linda Huguelet's radar since her own diagnosis in 2010. Linda, who leads a support group for myeloma patients and family members in Chattanooga, Tennessee, was interviewed by WRCB-TV as a follow-up to the Brokaw news about her treatments, as well as her wishes for Brokaw. "I hope he will bring more recognition to multiple myeloma," she said.

Mayor John Warford of Bismarck North Dakota Declares March Myeloma Awareness Month

IMF Support Group Leader Shirley Jonas heads campaign for Bismarck, North Dakota Mayor John Warford to declare March as Myeloma Awareness Month.  “This recognition is important to me because I feel it is important to inform the public of this type of cancer as it is being diagnosed more every year,” said Jonas. “I also want Myeloma patients in North Dakota to know that they are not in this journey alone and they can be a part of our support group and may call to talk about any questions or concerns they have about this cancer. Knowledge is Power!” “Our support group is a place where people with myeloma and their families can learn about the newest treatments available and gain support and education from those who have been living with the disease,” said Jonas.

IMF Says 73-Year Old Cancer Patient To Run In Little Rock Marathon At The Start Of Myeloma Awareness Month - His 79th Marathon With Myeloma
The International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) - improving the quality of life of myeloma patients while working toward prevention and a cure - today said marathoner Don Wright is on his way to running 100 marathons, even though he is 73 years old and is undergoing treatment for cancer. Don will be running in the 12th annual Little Rock, Arkansas Marathon on March 2nd at the start of Myeloma Awareness Month. Don began running marathons at the time he was diagnosed with the blood cancer multiple myeloma in 2003. It will be his 79th marathon since then; Don completed his 78th marathon in New Orleans in February. Don will cap Myeloma Awareness Month with his milestone 80th marathon in Ann Arbor, Michigan on March 30th.

Vermont Gets a Head Start on Myeloma Awareness Month
The Vermont town of Bennington has officially declared March "Myeloma Awareness Month." Sculptor and myeloma patient Jan Martin Bopp accepted the proclamation from town officials last Friday on behalf of the International Myeloma Foundation, noting that "Having been a professional educator for all of my professional career, I'm going to continue to educate people about myeloma."

Longtime NBC News Anchor Tom Brokaw Announces Multiple Myeloma Diagnosis
Former NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw's announcement this week that he has multiple myeloma is shining a national spotlight on what is, for many people, a little-known cancer. "We were saddened to learn that Tom Brokaw has multiple myeloma and everyone at the IMF wishes him well," said IMF Chairman Dr. Brian Durie. "Fortunately, advancements in myeloma research and treatment make it possible for many patients to live active lives for years. His courageous announcement raises awareness of myeloma – which is absolutely critical to ensuring positive outcomes."

Announcing Spanish Language Cancer Insurance Checklist

As implementation of the health reform law (the Affordable Care Act) continues, the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) is pleased to announce the launch of a Spanish language version of the successful resource, the Cancer Insurance Checklist. This easy-to-use guide is available to assist people with cancer, a history of cancer or at risk for cancer choose a health insurance plan.  

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