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Missouri Passes Oral Anticancer Law
On March 19th, Governor Jay Nixon of Missouri signed SB 668, the Cancer Treatment Fairness Act, into law, making Missouri the 29th state to pass oral anticancer treatment legislation. This law puts in place a cap of $75 per prescription per month for oral anticancer medications under private insurance plans. Thanks to the great work of our Missouri ACTION team, who delivered over 375 postcards to Governor Nixon requesting his signature on the bill, many more cancer patients in Missouri will have affordable access to all anticancer treatments. Catch up on what is happening in seven other states with As the Bill Turns: Episode 11.

Florida Support Group Promotes Myeloma Awareness Month on the Radio
Florida Panhandle Multiple Myeloma Support Group members are using their voices during Myeloma Awareness Month. Support group members Sarah Davis, Mike Davis, and Sheila Wilson were interviewed on the radio in Panama City, Florida by Powell Broadcasting's Tiffany "Flip Flop" Dunning about myeloma, treatment options, recent advances, and advocacy. The interview aired on Sunday, March 16th on four Florida radio stations, and the archive can be heard

Watch the replay of Living Well with Myeloma Teleconference Series "Chemo Brain - Is It Real?"
Watch the replay of the Living Well with Myeloma: Chemo Brain - Is it Real? Teleconference.

Breakthrough in MRD Detection Is Important Advance for Black Swan Research Initiative®

-Automated, Highly Sensitive Test to Debut March 21-22 at International Workshop in Salamanca, Spain

-Could Lead to More Effective Treatment and a Shorter Path to New Drug Approvals

The International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) Applauds Near Unanimous Vote to Pass SB 300 (Cancer Treatment Fairness Act) in Wisconsin State Senate!

The International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) – improving the quality of life of myeloma patients while working toward prevention and a cure – applauds leadership and members of the Wisconsin state Senate, for passage of SB 300 (Alberta Darling- R) today, by a vote of 30-2!

Rockwell County bringing awareness to Multiple Myeloma

The Rockwall County Commissioners Court proclaimed the month of March as Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month for the county during its regular meeting on Tuesday thanks to Darla Kubik of the North Texas Multiple Myeloma Support Group.

Spreading Myeloma Awareness in Panama City, FL.

Tiffany “Flip Flop” Dunnings of Powell Broadcasting (Hot 107.9/Kick’n 103.5) interviews Mike & Sarah Davies and Sheila Wilson of the Florida Panhandle MM Support Group.  The interview was aired on Sunday March 17 on all four stations (Hot 107.9/Kick’n 103.5/Bob FM 105.1/Classic Rock 95.9) of Powell Broadcasting in Panama City, FL.

IMF's Michael Katz Honored by ASCO as an "Extraordinary Patient Advocate"
IMF Executive Board member Michael S. Katz is the recipient of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2014 Partners in Progress Award. The award recognizes Mike's "exceptional achievements, outstanding work, and dedication" as a myeloma advocate. The Partners in Progress Award honors the accomplishments of an extraordinary patient advocate whose work has impacted public awareness or resulted in additional support for cancer research, treatment, prevention, or care. "Working with the IMF and others to help patients and caregivers and to advance myeloma research is an important and an incredibly rewarding part of my life. I am grateful to the community and to ASCO for this very special honor," said Mike. He will be presented with the award at a ceremony on June 2, 2014 during ASCO's 50th Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois. The IMF congratulates Mike on this prestigious recognition!

Maine Passes Oral Anticancer Medication Law
The International Myeloma Foundation and the State Patients Equal Access Coalition (SPEAC) applaud Maine lawmakers for their hard work in passing legislation that requires private insurance companies to charge patients taking oral anticancer medications the same out-of-pocket cost as those receiving intravenous and infused therapies. Maine is the 28th state (along with the District of Columbia) to pass this important legislation. We are pleased that many more cancer patients in Maine will have affordable access to the most effective treatment to treat their disease and look forward to adding more states to the list in 2014.

The Myeloma Post App Is Now Available for Android Devices
The IMF's mobile application was designed to regularly update anyone interested in myeloma with the latest news and information from the IMF website. The Myeloma Post was first released for iOS in 2012, but is now available for Android devices as well. Designed to share updates on educational programs, quality-of-life support resources, advocacy activities, and stories from patient and caregiver blogs and communities, the Myeloma Post is free of charge and updated regularly (often daily).

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