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'Newer, more effective and less invasive treatment regimens are becoming available for myeloma patients, and we play a crucial role in educating patients, families and physicians worldwide.' Susie Novis

09.29.06  Report from the 4th Annual Paris Patient & Family Seminar
On Friday, September 8th, the IMF held its 4th annual Patient & Family Seminar in Paris at the beautiful venue, Maison de l'Amerique Latine.
09.29.06  Report from the Fourth Annual Italian Patient & Family Seminar
On Friday, September 29, 2006, the fourth annual IMF Italian Patient & Family Seminar was held in the beautiful city of Bologna. The IMF was pleased to once again collaborate with our Italian colleagues including Prof. Michele Cavo who was the seminar Chair for this meeting.

09.05.06  Report from the 2nd Annual Czech Myeloma Group Patient Seminar
The IMF was pleased to support and be an active participant at the 2nd Annual Czech Myeloma Group Patient Seminar. Led by Prof. Roman Hajek, the weekend seminar was held in Podebrady, a lovely spa town an hour outside of Prague.
08.16.06  IMF Publishes First Issue of Mensajero del Mieloma
Bienvenidos a la primera edición del Mensajero de Mieloma. Queremos compartir información actualizada de los tratamientos y darles una traducción en español de los artículos recientes de las publicaciones de la IMF - Myeloma Today y Myeloma Minute.

04.06.06  IMF Publishes First Issue of Myelom Merkur
The Myelom Merkur is the first publication in German focused on the providing the latest myeloma news for German-speaking patients and other members of the myeloma community. The Myelom Merkur will be published and sent by email 10 times per year, with each issue consisting primarily of translations of selected articles from Myeloma Today and the Myeloma Minute. Additional features will include guest submissions about meetings, research, and treatment from German authors and editorial pieces by IMF Europe Director Gregor Brozeit.
12.20.05  IMF to Establish European Base of Operations in Germany
The IMF has been increasingly active in Europe. Within the last five years, Patient and Family Seminars, Scientific Myeloma Symposia, and Myeloma Conferences have been held in Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Zurich, Istanbul, St. Petersburg, Rome, Vienna, Heidelberg and Turin. In 2006, IMF activities are already slated for cities in Austria, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the Czech Republic. A native of Germany, Gregor Brozeit, who currently is the Director of Public Advocacy for the IMF, will direct the European operations.