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2010 Brian D. Novis Research Grant Recipients

2010 Novis Research Grant Winners

For the past 15 years, the IMF’s research program has been funding promising clinical investigators from around the world in an effort to improve outcomes for myeloma patients. The IMF grants are funded by donations from private individuals. Junior investigators receive funding in the amount of $50,000. Senior investigators are funded at $80,000. Over the years, the IMF research grant program has lead to many publications, enabled investigators to become established in the field of myeloma and made important contributions to understanding the biology of myeloma and developing better therapies. We are certain that the work of the recipients of the 2010 IMF research grants will continue to contribute significantly to the field of myeloma.

Senior Research Grants
Junior Research Grants
Aki Horinouchi Research Grant
02.03.10  Development of the antihelmintic flubendazole as a novel therapeutic agent for the treatment of multiple myeloma
Aaron Schimmer, MD, PhD, FRCPC
Princess Margaret Hospital
Ontario Cancer Institute
Toronto, ON, Canada