We are international

The IMF has been serving the myeloma community since 1990

International Myeloma Foundation receives a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, America's largest independent evaluator of charities, for the fourth consecutive year.
According to Charity Navigator, "This consistency in your rating is an exceptional feat, especially given the economic challenges many charities have had to face in the last year."

The IMF's Mission Statement
The IMF is dedicated to improving the quality of life of myeloma patients while working toward prevention and a cure.

The Founding of the IMF: A Story of Strength and Courage
This video presentation tells the story of how Susie Novis, Brian Novis, a myeloma patient, and Dr. Brian Durie established the IMF with the mission of educating patients, meeting their emotional needs, and supporting myeloma research.

History of The IMF
In 1989 three people sat in a coffeeshop talking about what they could do to help make a difference for myeloma patients. Little did they realize how that conversation would not only change their own lives but the lives of thousands around the world.

Scientific Advisory Board
The IMF is fortunate to have a distinguished Board Of Scientific Advisors comprised of 45 members, who are world recognized experts in the field of multiple myeloma.

Educational Programs
Since 1992, the IMF has been conducting educational patient seminars, clinical conferences, and scientific workshops.

IMF Research Grant Program
Started in 1994, the IMF's research grant program funds a broad range of cutting edge myeloma research projects around the world.

Patient and Family Support
You're not alone. The IMF has support services to help you and your family.

Our Privacy Policy
The IMF takes your right to privacy very seriously. We encourage you to review our privacy policy.