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This is an exciting time in myeloma research, with new agents and new approaches coming to light at an unprecedented pace. The International Myeloma Foundation has supported myeloma research since 1990 with our Junior and Senior Grant Awards, Bank On A Cure®, and also the very important work being done by the International Myeloma Working Group.

In 1994, the IMF established the Brian D. Novis Research Grant program to support investigators searching for the answers to better treatment, management, prevention, and, ultimately, a cure. Use the menu on the left to review information about IMF-funded research and get an application for an IMF research grant.

Clinical trials offer patient access to new therapies while helping to advance the state of the science. Click on 'clinical trials' in the menu on the left for a comprehensive listing of myeloma treatments in clinical trial. Use the Myeloma Matrix to see a listing of myeloma drugs all the way from pre-clinical to FDA approved.

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2012 IMF Research Grant Applications are now Available Online
All grant applications for funding in 2012 must be received by the IMF by August 1, 2011. Download your copy now.

New Issues of CITINGS
The IMF is pleased to bring you CITINGS, a quarterly publication featuring the most up-to-date information on research advances and new therapies for the treatment for multiple myeloma.

The first comprehensive myeloma-specific cancer patient DNA bank in history.

The International Staging System (formerly called the International Prognostic Index), an updated staging system for myeloma, is a collaborative research initiative with nearly 20 institutions from around the world.

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