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As you begin thinking about the upcoming Holidays (how fast did this year fly by?), we’d love you to take a look at some of the IMF’s merchandise. By purchasing these items, you not only spread the word about myeloma awareness, but you help to fund many of the IMF’s important programs. You can view and/or order these items by clicking on the links – and please take note of our beautiful brand new Holiday Cards, which were designed by members of the myeloma community.

Cards & Gifts
Clothing & Accessories
Myeloma Buddies
Order your handknit Myeloma Buddy with its adorable little jelly baby belly and sweet smile. All profits from these go to Myeloma UK and the IMF, so you get a cute personalised Buddy and a lovely warm feeling!
IMF Holiday Cards
Designed by members of the IMF community, these beautiful cards are great to send or give as gifts this holiday season.

Recipes for Research - $15.00
From Autumn Apple Cake to Veal Stimbarada, there is something here for every taste. Favorite recipes, tried and true: Vegetarian Hot and Sour Soup, Crab Souffle Casserole, Mom's Chicken (who can resist that!), Spaghetti Toss, No Carb Cheesecake and much more!