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Novel therapies for myeloma have significantly improved overall survival in recent years for both newly diagnosed patients and those with relapsed disease. As myeloma patients live longer, they experience the same medical conditions as other individuals in their age group as well as myeloma therapy-related conditions. A health maintenance schedule to preserve the health and wellness of myeloma patients takes into account the effects of myeloma, past and current therapies, and overall risk based on age, gender, and lifestyle. Barriers to preventative health maintenance include lack of knowledge regarding current guidelines and their applications, questions about relevance to myeloma patients, and healthcare costs.

Incorporating all levels of preventative medicine, from screening through treatment of side-effects that arise as a result of myeloma therapy, enables clinicians and patients to optimize therapy by preventing or adequately treating other conditions that might limit future therapeutic options.

Bone Disease and Bone Health
Functional Mobility and Safety
Health Maintenance
Renal Complications
Sexuality and Sexual Dysfunction
70-90% of patients with myeloma present with bone disease.

Education about prevention, treatment and pain management of bone disease in the long term survivor is critical to their health maintenance.
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