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06.25.08   Report from the Third Anniversary of AMEN
The 3rd annual meeting of AMEN, the Israeli MM foundation, was held this year on May 21st at the Weizmann Institute of Science. 400 people—a record number—attended the event.

12.10.05   AMEN - The Israeli Association of Myeloma Patients
AMEN's mission is to benefit the welfare of myeloma patients in Israel, improve quality of life, centralize information on the disease, treatments, meds and research as well as suggestions for treatment vis a vis support agencies like Bituah Leumi [Social Security], insurance companies, various rights etc, as well as other subjects which will help the patient and family members get through a difficult period of adaptation and the establishment of a viable quality of life in light of the new situation they face.

01.08.09   Archive of AMEN's Newsletters

AMEN is the IMF’s affiliate in Israel. It has been wonderful to watch the progress that AMEN has made helping everyone battling myeloma in Israel in just two short years.

07.23.06   AMEN Hosts Myeloma Seminar for Hematology Residents
On the 7th of June, 2006, AMEN organized a multiple myeloma seminar for hematology residents in the Accadia Hotel in Herzelyia.

06.27.06   AMEN's First Anniversary
This is a beautiful and moving chronicle of the founding of AMEN, the Israeli Association of Myeloma Patients. In Hebrew with English subtitles.

08.02.05   History is Made with the First Meeting of the Israeli Myeloma Study Group
The community of myeloma experts responded positively to the invitation from AMEN in cooperation with the Israeli Society of Hematologists. Twenty-nine representatives from key clinical and research centers attended and shared with AMEN the excitement of establishing a nationwide working group for multiple myeloma.

07.14.05   First meeting of the Israeli Myeloma Working Group to be held on July 29, 2005
Creation of the working group was initiated by AMEN as a joint venture with the Israeli Society of Hematologists.