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IMF - Professionals
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Including Clinical Trials in Your Practice
A Web-based course for healthcare providers who are interested in becoming clinical trials investigators and including cancer clinical trials in their practice.

Highlights of the 12th International Myeloma Workshop: CME-Certified Conference Coverage
Expert faculty members present the most clinically relevant data from the 12th International Myeloma Workshop in CME-certified video modules. Jointly sponsored by Postgraduate Institute for Medicine, the International Myeloma Foundation, and Clinical Care Options, LLC.

CITINGS - Novel Therapies
This quarterly publication features up-to-date information on research advances and new therapies.

Dr. Brian Durie Receives the Prestigious Waldenstrom’s Award at IMW 2009
This year at the International Myeloma Workshop, our own Dr. Durie won the Waldenströms Award for 40 years of excellence in myeloma. As part of the award, he was invited to deliver a lecture. Introduced by Dr. Kyle, this is the webcast of that lecture.

IMF Chair, Dr. Brian Durie, featured in Scientific American article DNA on the Loose: Next-Gen Blood Tests Tap Free-Floating Genetic Material
Free-floating messages in the bloodstream could soon provide a unique window into the body. Researchers worldwide are racing to decipher circulating genetic material for better ways to diagnose disease, monitor pregnancy, and even improve food safety.

International Myeloma Working Group Guidelines for Serum Free Light Chain Analysis in Multiple Myeloma and Related Disorders
The International Myeloma Working Group is made up of 90 leading myeloma researchers from around the world who collaborate on a broad range of myeloma research projects with a goal to improve myeloma treatment options and diagnostic systems. The serum-free light chain analysis guidelines are the result of this collaboration.

ASH 2008 Multiple Myeloma Highlights for Physicians
International Myeloma Foundation Highlights from the 50th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Hematology (ASH) held in San Francisco, California, December 5–9, 2008.

The International Myeloma Foundation Announces New Three-Way Research Agreement with Nobel Prize Winner Luc Montagnier and Howard Urnovitz of Chronix Biomedical
Will Study Circulating DNA as a Marker for and Potential Cause of Disease Recurrence

Treatment of Myeloma: Cure vs Control
In the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, IMF Scientific Advisor, Dr. Vincent Rajkumar writes that "cure vs control" is the dominant philosophical difference behind many of the strategies, trials, and debates related to the management of myeloma.

ASCO Highlights for Physicians and Patients
News from the 2008 ASCO Meeting Compiled by Lynne Lederman, PhD

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