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Myeloma Buddies

Myeloma Buddies

Order your handknit Myeloma Buddy with its adorable little jelly baby belly and sweet smile. All profits from these go to Myeloma UK and the IMF, so you get a cute personalised Buddy and a lovely warm feeling!

They are all individual and as such vary slightly in size ranging from about 7" to 8".

Price is for one only and your Myeloma Buddy will be made especially for you - so you just need to pick

  • Your buddy's colour (or colours if you'd like stripes) from the handy colour chart provided

  • Whether you want sticky out arms, stuck down arms or cutey under the chin arms

  • Alternatively whether you want a girl, boy or a completely random buddy and get a surprise.

The cost per Buddy is $10.00 plus $2.70 shipping. Shipping for each additional Buddy is $1.00. Postage/shipping cost is to anywhere in the world.

Visit Feresa's blog to see some sample Buddies and color choices. Or visit her Etsy site to place an order.