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We are The Honeybeaders, a small group of family, friends and volunteers who make Cancer Awareness bracelets for Multiple Myeloma Research. My husband, Scott, was diagnosed with Myeloma in 2005 and we have been beading for a CURE since 2006. Here's a bit of our story:

Scott and I became active in a local cancer support organization where I started a jewelry class for members. I was very aware that the color pink was everywhere promoting Breast Cancer Awareness, so I Googled "cancer colors" and found that most cancers were associated with a particular color. Burgundy was "our" color. I was unable to find any multiple myeloma jewelry at the time, except for the rubber wrist bands sold by the IMF, so I ordered dozens. Back to my jewelry class, I started by designing bracelets for each member to make for their specific cancer and soon found my calling...making Cancer Awareness bracelets with a major focus on Multiple Myeloma.

The story of The Honeybeaders Prayer Bracelet has a simple beginning: I began making prayer bracelets in 20 different Cancer Awareness colors to give to family and friends, selling at local craft fairs and supplying small gift shops in the area. Early on, I had difficulty locating burgundy colored glass beads, however, garnets (having always been my favorite stone), were readily available. To this day, I still use the highest quality genuine garnet beads I can find in each Cancer Awareness bracelet. This is one of the extra touches that helps fulfill my wish for the CURE. My goal was, and always has been, to directly fund Multiple Myeloma research and local cancer support projects.

Seven years later, we are now supporting the IMF! We have grown since those early days with more burgundy bracelet designs but always the same goal: Awareness, Hope and Prayers for a CURE! Gone are those 19 other Cancer Awareness bracelets. Now we are entirely dedicated to the IMF and "our" burgundy Multiple Myeloma Awareness project. We are Beading for the Cure! All of our Cancer Awareness bracelets are handcrafted with the HOPE that soon, this disease will have successful, long term treatment leading to a Complete Remission (CR) for EVERY patient with Myeloma. Each bracelet and those who wear them are touched by our thoughts and prayers. We are 100% volunteer, every bead, every charm and every minute spent is donated to the IMF. We are committed to reaching the goal of discovering that CURE!

Folklore, Legend and Healing Properties

Garnet’s powers include healing, strength and protection and it is often worn to relieve inflammations of the skin. It is also believed to regulate the heart and blood flow and aid in curing depression. In earlier times, garnets were exchanged as gifts between friends to demonstrate their affection for each other and to ensure that they meet again.

Genuine Quartz Crystal Bracelet with Silver Swarovski Garnet Spacers

Garnet & Sterling
(small stones)

Garnet & Sterling
(large stones)

Firepolished Crystal HOPE bracelet with Silver Plated Bead Spacers

Prayer Bracelet All Cancers
Garnet Beads

Garnet & Sterling

Garnet, Pearl & Sterling



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