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Viols of Houston Present:
Sun, Sep 09, 2012

Parish Hall
Christ The King Lutheran Church
2353 Rice Boulevard
Houston, TX

DATE: Sunday, September 9, 2012
TIME: 5:00 PM

Celebrating the life & work of the Canadian instrument-maker Dominik (Dom) Zuchowicz (Zoo-HAW-vich). Dom passed away on February 8, 2011 after a three year battle with a rare cancer of the bone marrow - multiple myeloma.

Admission is pay-what-you-wish - donations will benefit the International Myeloma Foundation (myeloma.org).

Viols of Houston was founded in 2005 as a chapter of the Viola da Gamba Socitey of America (VdGSA). The founder of Viols of Houston, Barrett Sills, was the first of many Houstonians to commission an instrument from “Dom.” Today Houston is the home to no fewer than twelve of his instruments, and many more reside elsewhere in Texas.

The concert will feature the viol virtuoso Mary Springfels, formerly of the Newberry Consort in Chicago and currently residing in New Mexico. Springfels has performed in Houston previously with Ars Lyrica. Dom’s wife, Barbara Zuchowicz, will also be participating in the concert, giving a pre-concert talk, and performing with Ms. Springfels. Other performers will include Sills, James Brown, Deborah Dunham, Brady Lanier, Karen Hall, Jane Leggiero, Jordan Witherspoon, Malachai Bandy, Carter Crawford, Rebecca Landell, Kim Shrier, Carol Deihl, Hazel Mosely, and Susan Poelchau.

For more information contact Brady Lanier  bcello@juno.com   832-331-1355