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Mile High March for Myeloma - August 16, 2003
Sat, Aug 16, 2003

Lake Arrowhead, CA

Plans are in full swing for the walk-a-thon being held during Myeloma Awareness week involving the entire town of Lake Arrowhead and surrounding communities.

Lisa Doyle, owner of the Village Pizza & Arcade, is the organizer of the event being held in honor of her father, who has myeloma.

To show you how little it takes to raise much needed research dollars, Lisa put a jar of lollipops out on her counter, and in just a few months, has raised over $750! Go Lisa!

Contact: Lisa Doyle, 909-337-0723 or 909-337-0318, if you'd like to participate in the walk and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Other activities will be on the schedule as well.