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Living With Cancer as "A New Normal"
A Journey with Cancer through the Eyes of a Caregiver


by Dianna Mitchell Marston, Caregiver

For patients and caregivers alike, this new workbook will help you through the transition from diagnosis to your "new normal." The insightful tips and tools were developed by Dianna and her family to meet their own needs when her husband, Nathan, was diagnosed with myeloma.

"I don't think she's left any stones unturned. I especially like the chapters dedicated to Organization" says Paul Hewitt, IMF Hotline Coordinator. "She shows you how to easily create two binders to get and stay organized. One is devoted to Medical Records and the other, Insurance Records. There are also useful tips on Social Security, disability, financial assistance and legal issues. The clarity gained from being well organized will empower you and help you stay focused. Rounding out the book are chapters on Personal Issues and Raising Successful Children. Marston approaches these with beautiful grace and ethic."

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