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Losing Weight to Gain Awareness
Thu, Jan 01, 2009

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Hello everyone, my name is Debi, and I host the Emerald Coast Multiple Myeloma Support Group in Pensacola, FL. We had our first meeting in July.

I have a friend who lives in Georgia who was diagnosed a little over ten years ago, and that was my introduction to this beast! It has changed my life! I am only a friend, and it changed my life!

I moved to Pensacola in 2003 and since then have come in contact with many people who either have Multiple Myeloma or have a family member or a friend with it. The reaction from them when I say I know what they are talking about is almost amazement! They had never heard of it themselves and had never come across someone who had it or knew what they were talking about; and so they had felt...ALL ALONE, ISOLATED.

After about the 10th person...give or take...I decided it was time to do something, so the Emerald Coast MM Support Group was formed.

To make a very long story short....I have a desire to go to Africa on a medical missions trip. The church I attend goes every year and we have built an orphanage and school there, as you all know most of the children orphaned are due to Aids. Well, I am going this spring!!! I am extremely overweight and to fly that far is asking for problems. So I am thinking...I need to get this weight off...I am 50 so it is not an easy task...I am almost and this is really tough...I am almost 300 lbs, there I did it!!!! So I really need to lose the weight. I NEED INCENTIVE!!!! A trip to Africa, incentive enough...well maybe...but I need something more...

Now remembering I host a Support Group for Multiple Myeloma…and realizing we need awareness in Pensacola and the Gulf Coast Area and a fundraiser to bring that awareness not only to the local community but even further out, state-wide, and nationally. Yeah, that sounds like incentive….but how…something unique, I need to lose weight.

Thus "Losing Weight to Gain Awareness" was born! Through the help of Physician's Weight Loss Center here in Pensacola, Florida, I officially began my fundraiser on August 28th, 2007.

My goal is to lose 120 lbs. Rosemary Finley, RN of Physician's Weight Loss Center has agreed to sponsor and officially monitor my weight loss journey and you to can keep track of my success in this new journey right here on the IMF web-site.

I seek awareness about Multiple Myeloma for patients all around the world, I seek funds to be raised and donated for research for Multiple Myeloma as new discoveries are being made thus making it possible for people with MM to life longer and more fulfilling lives. AND ONE DAY A CURE!

Please help me by pledging a dollar a pound? Anything you can give will help my goal to raise awareness. Also I encourage any of you that need to lose a few pounds...JOIN ME IN MY JOURNEY...LOSE weight, GAIN awareness and support for research!

Since my official weigh-in day at the Physician Weight Loss Center (PWLC), I have lost over 58 pounds. WOW! So look out, this is really going to be good!! You can follow my progress at https://ecmmsg.healthblogs.org, where I am posting weekly reports on my weight loss and also info on our support group meetings.

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