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Eric’s Run for His Aunt Linda
October 28, 2007
Sun, Oct 28, 2007

Arlington, VA

Eric Merkel

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In February 2006, Eric’s aunt Linda began showing several alarming medical symptoms such as fatigue, shortness of breath, and pain in her joints. After several doctor visits over the course of 4 months, she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Only through the relentless dedication of the medical staff and the miracle of experimental medications is she with us today. One year after first entering a cancer center for treatment, the myeloma cells have dropped from 95% to 10% within her bone marrow. The battle is certainly not over, but the amazing research in this field has had a very personal and tangible affect on Eric and his family.

For several years Eric has run in the Marine Corps Marathon. But increasing joint pain made him swear that he would never put himself through it again. However, after seeing first-hand the painful treatments and emotional strain his aunt and her family have dealt with over this past year, there was obviously no comparison. In honor of the battle Linda has fought, and continues to fight, Eric is putting the running shoes back on. On Sunday October 28, 2007 he will be at the starting line of the Marine Corps Marathon for his Aunt Linda, for the families of all those affected by this disease, and for the scientists and medical professionals that are researching a cure.

Eric is personally asking for your financial support as he runs for Linda. The funds will go to the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF), to help continue the progress in offering hope to those diagnosed with multiple myeloma. He is grateful for any level of support that you could provide as every dollar counts.

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