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Help from Heaven: 5k Benefit Walk for Multiple Myeloma
May 27, 2007
Sun, May 27, 2007

Around Lake Winona
Winona, Minnesota

Erin Yess, Kirstin Wilson and Harper Giese are required to plan and run a project that will benefit the community by their national honor society. This year, they chose to plan a 5K benefit walk for multiple myeloma, in large part to remember their good friend, Brianna, who was killed in a tragic car accident. Her aunt suffers from myeloma. Brianna had participated in other benefits for the disease and was very close with her aunt.

Erin says "In honor of Brianna we’ve decided to hold a benefit that would help keep her spirit alive. We have learned from her family that this disease is very serious and is difficult to live with. In remembrance of Brianna and in honor of Cindy, we are hoping to make an impact in the lives of families that suffer from multiple myeloma."

If you would like to participate or find out more information, please contact: Erin Yess, erinyess_7@hotmail.com, or call 1-507-459-2677.