We are international

The IMF has established the US Myeloma Forum. The goal of this Forum is to bring together Key US Opinion Leaders to form a coalition whose goal will be to work collaboratively, bring focus to projects, reduce duplication of efforts and dilution of valuable resources. Multiple trials are required to assess the best impact of the new novel therapies. To ensure their success, trials need to be organized in a cohesive way to avoid duplication and ensure that the final results provide clear comparative data.

Like coalitions in Europe, the US Myeloma Forum will attempt to work on projects cohesively and accelerate clinical trial development, approval, activation, and accrual. Historically, the various cooperative groups in the US have not worked in an open and collaborative fashion. There is need for change. The Forum will provide a framework and a mechanism for all the major stakeholders, including the pharmaceutical industry, to provide input in a collaborative and productive way.

The US Myeloma Forum will provide both critical input for pharmaceutical trial design and facilitate CTEP review within the Cooperative Group setting. The discussions by US Myeloma Forum participants will result in consensus statements and recommendations to bring clarity to immediate clinical trial priorities. How best to integrate novel therapies? Is auto transplant (single or double) ideal for patients particularly sensitive to alkylating agents? Taking a fresh look at all the options will allow better long-term decisions to be made by all involved.

The first meeting of the US Myeloma Forum will take place April 17 - 18, 2007 in Santa Monica, CA.

The IMF would also like to thank Celgene Corporation and Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc. for their sponsorship in making this meeting possible.