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Joanna's Birthday Fundraiser! - July 21, 2006
Fri, Jul 21, 2006

Little Rock Climbing Center
12120 Colonel Glenn Road #7000
Little Rock, AR 72210

Joanna Fureigh has organized a fundraiser to benefit the IMF for her 13th birthday. Joanna's Aunt, Carol Allen (Hot Springs, AR), is fighting multiple myeloma. Carol is on the road to recovery!

Additional inspiration for Joanna's decision came from her cousin, Chandler Terry (N. Carolina), who hosted a fundraiser for his Nana Carol on his recent 8th birthday.

Even without invitations sent or a party date firm, they have had a number of major donations and pledges and have revised their goal total three times!

Special thanks for their thoughtful and loving generosity go to: Virginia Teimann, Eleanor Colaianni, Betty & Ray Fureigh, Don & Dana Colaianni, and Patty Larrison Wingfield (all of Little Rock, AR), M. Melanie Edmondson (Pine Bluff, AR), Mildred & Dick Krembs (Racine, Wisconsin), Christina Martin (Benton, AR), Tracy & Terry Klober (Fairfield Bay, AR), and Carol & Frank Allen (Hot Springs, AR).

For more information, call 501-224-9288.

Click here to make a donation to Joanna's Birthday Fundraiser.