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Recipes for Research

Extra! Extra! Marilyn Alexander, the Philadelphia Support Group, and the IMF community have come together to create one terrific cookbook and handy kitchen reference. The original cookbook was a huge success, and if you have one, you’ll want to add this all-new version to your collection.

From Autumn Apple Cake to Veal Stimbarada, there is something here for every taste. Favorite recipes, tried and true: Vegetarian Hot and Sour Soup, Crab Souffle Casserole, Mom's Chicken (who can resist that!), Spaghetti Toss, No Carb Cheesecake and much more!

And if you aren't in the mood to cook tonight, there is an entire section with tips on everything from setting the table to stain remover. Did you know that the twist tie on a loaf of bread can tell you what day it was delivered to the store? Move over Heloise!

And who can resist Marilyn's Recipe for Friendship:

3 Phone Calls a Week
2 Cups of Kindness
1 Letter a Month
4 Saturdays of Shopping

Mix all ingredients carefully. Take turns stirring. Heap with hugs and lace with laughter. Sweeten to taste and sprinkle with smiles. Bake until Memroies turn golden.

Act now to order your copies of Recipes for Research. They are only $15, including shipping and handling, with all proceeds going to support the IMF's research programs. This is a great gift for Mother's Day.

Order online or call 800-452-2873 and order over the phone with a credit card, or simply mail in a check for $15 to the IMF.