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We all want to make a difference. Mail For The Cure makes it easy.


We all want to make a difference. Mail For The Cure makes it easy.

All over the world, people are mailing letters to their family and friends, sharing the importance of myeloma research and the IMF’s other vital programs and asking for their support.

This is Mail For The Cure. And because of IMF members like you, this global fundraiser has already raised nearly $70,000 to make a difference for myeloma patients and families everywhere.

But Mail For The Cure isn’t only about raising funds. It’s also about raising awareness. By writing letters and sharing information with people in all walks of life, in all corners of the world, Mail For The Cure is an amazing opportunity to raise myeloma awareness in communities we wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach.

We can only make this kind of difference with your help. It’s simple:

  • First, download this Mail For The Cure brochure. It contains a great sample letter. You can send the letter just as it is, or we also welcome you to edit it to fit your personal thoughts.

  • Second, contact Suzanne Battaglia at the IMF: 800-452-CURE (2873) or sbattaglia@myeloma.org. She will provide you with specially coded envelopes that will keep track of the enormous difference you’re making. Or, she will explain to you how to send the letter to your family and friends via e-mail.

As promised, it’s simple. But it’s also extremely powerful. Each of us knows so many people who are happy to support us in making a difference—they truly want to help. But sometimes they just don’t know how.

Mail For The Cure makes it easy. By sharing with them why the IMF’s research and programs are so important, we can raise thousands of dollars and bring myeloma awareness to thousands of people.

Please join Mail For The Cure and make a difference today!


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