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On the Road with the IMF Support Team
By Andy Lebkuecher

Robin Tuohy, Kelly Cox and I have been making the rounds of the wonderful myeloma support groups in the USA.

To date we have visited many of the groups in the Northeast, Southeast, West Coast, Southwest and Central US.

Recently I had the opportunity to visit the Kansas City Metro Area Support Group in Kansa City, MO, one of the newest, the Cancer Services of Greater Baton Rouge Support Group in Baton Rouge, LA, and the recently rejuvenated Southwest Florida MM Network Group in Fort Myers, FL.

It was great to meet with Ann and Bill Hovey and Julie Fugate, the leaders of the KC Group. I learned that Kansas City is known for its ribs; guess what we had for dinner?

They have a very strong group with a lot of firsthand myeloma knowledge. After showing a DVD on the IMF we had a most lively Q & A period.

My visit to Baton Rouge was my first ever. Susan Moreland and the staff do a wonderful job assisting all cancer patients with supplies, drug funding assistance and much more. This was only their third meeting and yet the meeting was well done and exciting. I got to meet a gentleman who played a significant part in getting the group started and to whom I have been emailing information for some time. I now can say I’ve met Bill Wells. He’s no longer just an email address.

Below is a picture of the Baton Rouge group.

My next trip was to Ft. Myers, Florida. As many of you know, the late Bubbs Tamlyn, his wife, and daughter Scheri started this group. As time progressed after Bubb’s passing Scheri found that work did not leave her enough time to lead the group properly. Two wonderful ladies—Evie Correand and Tan Noll—took over the group earlier this year and have done fantastic job in getting the word out to increase the size of the group. Good job, Evie and Tan.

Below is the Fort Myers group.

Robin, Kelly and I are looking to visit your group in the very near future.

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