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Spotlight on Support: A New Group for Long Island, New York

Congratulations to Bill and Helen Krueger and Bob and Margie Russell for getting the very first Long Island Support Group started.

The group from Long Island met at the Teaneck, New Jersey Patient and Family Seminar in October 2004.  The couples were Bill and Helen, Bob and Margie, Ralph and Laura Intinoli and Terry and Howard Herman.

There was a strong feeling that a Long Island group was needed since no groups were available there. The closest one was New York City, an hour or more drive away.

Six people attended their first meeting held in October 2004 at the Krueger’s home. The group consisted of patients and caregivers.  As Bill put it, “Where would we be without the caregivers?"

Over a period of a few weeks Bill and Andy Lebkuecher worked on strategy and sending out flyers to potential members. An open discussion was held. Most of the discussion was centered on the medications each was taking and how they were adapting to each type.

They have had a total of three meetings since the beginning and have attracted different couples at each meeting while maintaining the two regulars. They are looking for a larger place to hold the meetings. The group has advertised in a local newspaper, Newsday, and is working on getting some airtime on local radio stations.

 Each meeting has generated a lot of enthusiasm and the attendees are anxious for the next meeting. Bill is not sure if it’s “because of the coffee and cake or what.”  You know it's Bill and Helen's energy that sparks the enthusiasm.

This will be an exciting support group. If you are interested in joining this new group you can contact Bill and Helen Krueger at (631) 581-3226 or Email: wkruger210@aol.com or Bob and Margie Russell at (631) 289-4956 Email: bobruss2@verizon.net


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