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Eighth Robert A. Kyle Lifetime Achievement Award presented to Dr. Joan Bladé
The setting for the evening was a Catalonian masia (a typical farmhouse of the region) called Can Travi Nou near the Vall d’Hebron Park in Barcelona. More than two hundred guests were in attendance to honor the lifelong dedication and commitment of Dr. Bladé to myeloma patients, their families, and to myeloma research.

Can Travi Nou in Barcelona, site of this year's Kyle Award ceremony.

Informal reception in the garden before the ceremony.

From the right: Dr. Bladé, Dr. Kyle, Dr. Bladé's wife, Maite, and his mother.

Just a sampling of the 50 international clinicians and researchers who attended the ceremony: from the left, Dr. John Shaughnessy, Dr. Orhan Sezer, and Dr. Meral Beksaç

The IMF's VP of Clinical Education & Research Initiatives, Lisa Paik, and Executive Director, David Girard.

A little dinner before the presentation.

Dr. Durie and Susie Novis introducing the speakers.

Dr. San Miguel

He deserves it!

Dr. Ludwig

Dr. Rozman

Dr. Rosiñal setting up the photo montage. At the table are Dr. San Miguel, Mrs Bladé, Dr. Ludwig, and Mrs. Ludwig.

Dr. Kyle

Dr. Kyle presenting the Lifetime Achievement Award named after him to Dr. Bladé.

Dr. Bladé

Dr. Bladé's son, Joan Bladé Herrero

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