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2007 Robert A. Kyle Lifetime Achievement Award
The International Myeloma Foundation was proud to present the 5th Robert A. Kyle Lifetime Achievement Award to Prof. Dr. Heinz Ludwig. This award was established in 2003 and honors the physician whose lifetime body of work best exemplifies compassion for myeloma patients and a singular dedication to the treatment of their disease. Prof. Ludwig was presented with this honor in recognition of his work in medical hematology-oncology and, in particular, multiple myeloma.The event took place in Vienna, Austria, on June 7, 2007, at the historic and beautiful Vienna Kursalon, famous for providing an exquisite venue for classical concerts, operas, and musicals. Historic Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, renowned for music, art, architecture, and the famous Lipizzaner horses. It is also where Prof. Ludwig lives and works. He is Director of the Department of Medicine I, Center of Oncology and Hematology at Wilheminenspital, Vienna.
Dr. Ludwig, Susie Novis, Dr. Kyle, Birgit Ludwig, Dr. Durie
There was some anxiety about our desire to take advantage of the lovely park scenery and hold the event outside, because the skies would darken and it would pour in the evenings preceding the event. So a decision was made to set up inside. However, on the evening of the event, the weatherman made his prediction – it would not rain. As luck would have it, he was right. At the last minute, the tables were moved outside and, by the time the first guests arrived, the setting was perfect.The evening began with a lovely cocktail hour, sipping drinks and mingling under a clear sky on the fringe of the beautiful park, meeting old friends and making new ones. Everyone was in high spirits, thrilled that Prof. Ludwig was being honored. The atmosphere lent itself to creating a magical evening.As soon as everyone was seated, the program began with a very heartfelt welcome from Susie Novis and Dr. Brian Durie, congratulating Prof. Ludwig and setting the stage for Dr. Kyle’s award presentation and a few surprises for the evening.Since Vienna is known for music, we were not disappointed, as we were treated to a short concert preformed by members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.
A moment from the "Heinz H to Z".
Prof. Ludwig was in for a big surprise as his two children, Claudia and Michael, presented a video they had prepared depicting milestones in their father’s life, all set to music. The video was aptly titled “Heinz H to Z,” and they had chosen the most perfect photographs showing Heinz in various stages throughout his life – as a young boy, as a sportsman, during his medical career, as a family man, and mostly as a man who truly loves his wife, his family, and life! He was completely surprised and enjoyed every moment of it, as did we all.
Dr. Kyle Presenting the Lifetime Achievement Award
to Dr. Ludwig
Next was the moment we’d all been waiting for, Dr. Kyle’s presentation of the award to Dr. Ludwig. Dr. Kyle took the stage and told the audience why Prof. Ludwig was receiving the award, recapping his numerous accomplishments. Then the stage belonged to Prof. Ludwig who, in his very elegant and eloquent manner, thanked everyone and acknowledged several people in the audience.Once again, music became the night, as two outstanding opera singers took the stage as we sat under the stars, entranced, moved, and thoroughly entertained by the magic and the beauty of their voices.The evening ended with the most fantastic dessert buffet, lest we forget that Vienna is also known for its pastries. So throwing caution to the wind, we had to sample all that was offered, and thus the evening ended on a very sweet note.

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