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Bank On A Cure® Launch: Bank On A Cure® Questions & Answers

Taking the Guesswork Out of Myeloma

What Is Bank On A Cure®?

Created by the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF), Bank On A Cure is the world’s first databank of myeloma patient DNA and information. The project brings together the global myeloma community to create a truly collaborative research environment with open access to complete genetic information from more than 10,000 myeloma patients.

What Is the Goal of Bank On A Cure?

The goal of Bank On A Cure is to find effective treatment strategies and, ultimately, a cure for multiple myeloma.

How Does Bank On A Cure Work?

Bank On A Cure is a repository of DNA collected worldwide through large clinical trial groups, clinical centers, hospitals and individual patients. As the samples arrive, a series of genetic tests are performed and logged into the Bank’s database. All patient identifiers are removed to ensure the strictest code of confidentiality. Bank On A Cure technology then identifies genetic variations, known as SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms), in the DNA, which provide the basis for studies identifying factors related to disease onset, symptoms, morbidities, clinical response and toxicities.

What Does Bank On A Cure Mean for Cancer Patients?

The Bank On A Cure model can be used to better understand other cancers and determine the most effective therapies.

Have Any Discoveries Already Been Made Based on Information from the Bank?

Bank On A Cure has collected DNA samples from more than 5,000 myeloma patients to date. Researchers are already looking at patients’ response to treatment to improve the benefits of existing therapy, reduce side effects and improve patients’ quality of life right now. 

What Is the Relationship Between the IMF and Bank On A Cure?

As the oldest and largest myeloma organization, the IMF is in a unique position to engage the global myeloma community to find new approaches to myeloma diagnosis and treatment. The IMF initiated the concept of Bank On A Cure through its Scientific Advisory Board and has worked with a wide range of partners to launch this important project.

How Can Institutions and Individuals Participate in Bank On A Cure?

Institutions, researchers, patients, and family members can participate in Bank On A Cure by contacting David Smith at the IMF at (800) 452-CURE or via e-mail at dsmith@myeloma.org.

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