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State Patients Equal Access Coalition (SPEAC)
Mission and Goals


The State Patients Equal Access Coalition (SPEAC) is a patient-focused coalition representing patients, health care professionals, and cancer care centers, working collaboratively to ensure that cancer patients have appropriate access to a broad range of approved and medically-accepted anticancer regimens including, but not limited to oral and intravenous drugs, injections, surgery, radiation, transfusions, transplantation, and palliative care. SPEAC believes that every cancer patient should have access to the anticancer regimens recommended by their physician and should not suffer from cost discrimination based on the type of therapy provided or the mechanism of delivery.

Area of Focus:

Driven by the strategic plan of the national Patients Equal Access Coalition, SPEAC seeks to influence the development of insurance health exchanges in each state that will ensure an equal payment system and cost-sharing requirements for patients receiving intravenous, injectable, and/or orally-administered oncolytic therapies.

Goals of the Coalition:

  1. Ensure that all major stakeholders (patients, patient advocacy organizations, providers, industry, etc.) are represented in the coalition so all perspectives are included in the discussion.

  2. Ensure that access to anticancer regimens regardless of delivery method is maintained and patients don't have to forgo taking their physician- recommended medication due to the expense.

  3. Educate policymakers at all levels about the impact of disparities in reimbursement for anticancer regimens and how these disparities impact cancer patients.

  4. Raise visibility of this issue through activities such as briefings, hearings, and advocacy for and against proposed state policies.

  5. Advance legislation to accomplish our goals when negotiation reaches an impasse.

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