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Postcards for Parity Program

Postcards for Parity is a great way to get your community more involved with advocating for myeloma patients. We know that everyone around you cares about you and your health and therefore would be interested in making sure you have everything you need to have the best care available. By filling out a simple postcard, your caregivers and advocates will be taking action on legislation that could very well save someone’s life.

Background on the Legislation

At the IMF one of our core principles is ensuring equality of access to care for our patients. To achieve this goal we are working on state and federal legislation that would require health insurance plans to provide equal coverage for orally administered and intravenously administered or injected chemotherapy treatments.

At the federal level, The Cancer Drug Coverage Parity Act of 2013 (HR1801) would require private health insurance plans that currently cover oral and infused anticancer medications to cover oral chemotherapy at the same benefit level as the IV infused chemotherapy.  Typically the IV infused therapies are covered under a health plan’s medical benefit requiring a reasonable out of pocket co-pay for the doctor's office visit. In contrast, orally administered anticancer medications are typically covered under a health plan’s pharmacy benefit often resulting in high out-of-pocket co-pay costs to the patient. These co-pays can amount to as much as $2,200 to $8,600 per month. For many oral anticancer medications there are no intravenous substitutes, forcing patients to absorb the high out-of-pocket costs or forego treatment all together.

Not surprisingly, bills similar to HR 1801 have now been signed into law in 23 states including New Jersey, New Mexico, Colorado, Virginia, Maryland and Nebraska.

These postcards will be used to send to an individual’s federal legislators in support of HR 1801. It is a very easy way for your friends and family to communicate with their legislators on behalf of an important issue to all cancer patients.

Basic Idea

  • You will ask each voting age person you know to fill out one card and then give it back to you to mail to the IMF.
  • When someone fills a card out, they will include the address where they are registered to vote to ensure we can connect their postcard to the right legislators.
  • We also need their email address to enter them into our advocacy system. This information is confidential and not sold or given to any other organization.
  • The best thing to do is to always carry the postcards with you. Ask anyone you know to fill one out and then have them give it back to you to send to Aimee. Sending them back in bulk is preferable but not mandatory.
  • Once we have amassed enough cards, we will copy them to send to the appropriate legislators.

Please contact Aimee at 818-487-7455 or by email at amartin@myeloma.org. Let her know how many postcards you would like to start out with and your address, and we will mail them to you today. (We suggest you start with 25 postcards. Then once you have filled those up, you can decide how many more you would like us to send you.)

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