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As the Bill Turns…Episode 5

As the summer ends, year round legislatures are returning from recess and taking action on some of our key legislation. Here are their stories:


The IMF came out against AB 219, California’s Access to Cancer Treatment Act because of the detrimental compromises made by the sponsor of the bill that water down the effectiveness of the legislation. On Monday September 9, the State Senate passed the amended bill changing the cap in out-of-pocket expenses, from $100 to $200, for patients taking oral anticancer treatments. Additionally, the changes allow insurers to increase the cap over time, delay the implementation date until 2015, and set the law to expire in 2019 – all counter to the original intent of the bill.

The IMF works on oral anticancer treatment bills across the country and passing this law will not only make it harder to pass an effective bill in California, its effects will be felt in the other 23 states that have yet to implement similar legislation. Californians Take Action Now!


The coalition supporting HR 4751, The Cancer Treatment Fairness Act, has started up again and is looking for patient stories. If you live in Michigan, and have paid over $250/month for your oral anticancer treatment under private insurance, click here to share your story with Aimee today. Even if you yourself have not suffered this inequity, now is the time to stand up for cancer patients who have and ask your state Representative to support HR 4751. Click here to Take Action!


While the Ohio State Legislature has been on summer recess, advocates have been catching up with legislators in their districts asking for support of SB99. Those meetings made a real difference with our lead sponsor fielding calls from legislators who heard from their constituents. The coalition is looking forward to a hearing in October. Ask for support from your legislator today!


We are excited to share the news that the Wisconsin Cancer Treatment Fairness Act was introduced with 17 State Senate co-sponsors and 40 State Assembly co-sponsors! Thank you to those who emailed, called, and met with your legislators to ask for support. Now we wait to hear to which committee the bill will be referred, which will determine our next move to pass this bill. In the meantime, if you have suffered an inequity in coverage for your oral anticancer treatments, please email us your story to help persuade legislators that this problem needs a solution!

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