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As the Bill Turns

Spring is in full swing and so are the state legislatures. There are now 13 oral anticancer treatment access bills under consideration across the country. In Florida, Maine, Oklahoma and Utah, bills have had committee hearings this year; while in states with year-round legislatures, the process is still at the starting block.

The Cancer Treatment Fairness Act (SB422 and HB301) passed two committees in the senate and one in the house. We have four more committees to pass through before the bills reach the house and senate floors. Thank you to those who have emailed your legislators asking for their support. If you haven’t yet, there’s still time! Click here to email them now.

For the first time in Maine, an oral anticancer treatment access bill has been introduced. On March 13th, legislators from the joint insurance and financial services committee heard testimony on the importance of making oral anticancer treatments more affordable for patients. Support group leader Wendy Wallis submitted testimony asking for the committee’s endorsement of LD 627 on behalf of her group and all myeloma patients in the state. The committee will vote on the bill on March 19th. Mainers, ask your legislators for support today!

On March 7th, the state senate voted 37-5 in favor of SB675, passing the bill to the House where it has been referred to the Public Health committee for a public hearing. Email your Representative Today!

We are disappointed by the legislation recently passed by the Utah legislature that allows insurance to charge a maximum co-pay of $300 for oral prescriptions. This does not achieve the intended parity of oral and IV anticancer treatments.  The bill is now on the Governor’s desk and we are working to halt this damaging piece of legislation. Click here to read our memo of opposition.

We are closely monitoring bills in California, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, and Rhode Island, and will keep you posted on their progress.

Stay tuned for next month’s edition of As the Bill Turns…

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