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We're Growing!

The IMF Advocacy Team has seen major growth this year with two new additions. Early this year, Aimee Martin joined as our Grassroots Liaison and in July we added Zina Cary as our National State Affairs Consultant. We are excited to now have more feet on the ground to advocate for myeloma patients’ rights. With these and other team changes we wanted to inform you of each person’s role so you know who to contact when you need support from the Advocacy Team.

We are proud to announce that because of our team growth we have been able to expand our reach to help myeloma patients around the world get access to the treatments they need.

After 3 successful years spent building the IMF’s US advocacy program, Arin Assero has been promoted to Vice President of Global Advocacy and will be focused on international initiatives and building our capabilities globally.

Arin and her partner Steve
Arin and her partner Steve in Yosemite

Description: Me_Chris_Cropped.png

Former Grassroots Liaison and State Affairs Manager, Meghan Buzby has been promoted to Director of US Advocacy. In her new role she manages the IMF’s U.S. federal and state policy issues and initiatives, focused on prevention, innovation, access, and approval of treatments. She is also the lead for our Patient Equal Access Coalition (PEAC) and our newly formed State Patient Equal Access Coalition (SPEAC).
Meghan and her husband Chris in Egypt

Zina Cary joins our team with over 19 years of experience in the health advocacy arena. She has led the charge, for many years, to increase patient access to critical cancer care including clinical trials, life saving chemotherapies and programs such as Medicaid and Medicaid Part D. Zina will lead and expand our state efforts relating to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and ensuring that myeloma patients are covered under these new regulations.

Description: Zina_and_Dogs
Foxy, Zina and Lola in the Adironacks

Aimee and her brother Teddy

Aimee Martin continues as our patient liaison working to connect myeloma advocates with their legislators. As with any piece of legislation, personal stories are what impact the decisions of the men and women who lead our country. Aimee will guide you and provide anything you may need to speak with your legislators, testify or even getting your friends and family involved in the fight for myeloma patients across the US. She also created the successful, new Postcards for Parity Program, which has generated over 1300 postcards to Representatives in the past four months.
Aimee and her brother Teddy in Santa Barbara

Click here to contact the members of the advocacy team.

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