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Delaware Advocate Involves her Family in the fight for Equal Access to Treatment

On March 14th, Kelley Campbell drove to Dover with her granddaughters, Ryan and Tayler, to testify in front of the House Economic Development/ Banking/Insurance/Commerce Committee in support of HB265. Kelley recalls, "I was nervous to testify, but I knew that after all I'd been through to get the medication I needed, that I had to testify.  I wasn't just testifying for myself, but for lots of cancer patients who have insurance, but still don't have access to certain anticancer drugs that they need." She eloquently shared her story of myeloma and how scared she had been when she was not able to afford the co-pay for her Revlimid.

The experiences of that day were made easier with Kelley's family by her side. Throughout the hearing, Ryan and Tayler's patience did not go unnoticed and was even commended by the committee chair. Tayler reflected on that day, "I was nervous that my grandmother was speaking.  I would be too scared to do that.  I'll be happy if she can get the medicine she needs."  Ryan added, "I was nervous and happy.  It was a big building.  I got to see the governor.  I was so proud of my grandmother that day."

Kelley Campbell has been an amazing asset to our work this past month by involving those around her in the fight for equal access to all treatments. She has reached out to every person she knows, asking them to sign a postcard to their legislator to support HB265; collecting over 60 postcards from people who love and care about her. She is a force to be reckoned with and we are proud to have her on our team.

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