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Calling ALL Advocates!
Team We are excited to formally announce the formation of the IMF National Action Team. For years we have been working with advocates from across the country on state and federal legislation. Now, we want to pull together everyone who has been working with us, plus new advocates, to build a community that learns from each other. Our first team call will be on Thursday January 24th at 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific. READ MORE and JOIN THE TEAM

Massachusetts passes Oral Chemotherapy Parity LegislationMassachusetts statehouse
On December 31st Massachusetts became the 21st state to pass legislation to manage the cost of oral anti-cancer medications. Thank you to all the Massachusetts advocates who wrote emails and signed postcards to their legislators to make this bill happen.

January's Advocate of the Month: 'Just Living Is a Win Against Cancer'
Jameca BJameca Barrett, who was diagnosed with myeloma in 2003 at age 26, says, "I've taken on the challenges of living with a terminal illness that has no cure and I've found a cause to party each and every day… because just living is a win against cancer that I'm compelled to continuously celebrate!" Barrett is an amazing Action Team leader in Atlanta who works with local myeloma and leukemia support groups to expand their action networks. This month, we salute her extraordinary spirit. READ MORE

Congress Passes Recalcitrant Cancers Act, Directing NIH to Focus on Deadly Cancers, Including Myeloma
On January 3rd, President Barack Obama signed the Recalcitrant Cancers Research Act into law, which will require the National Cancer Institute (NCI) at NIH to examine its current research efforts on the deadliest cancers, including myeloma. The legislation requires the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to examine its current research efforts on cancers with very low survival rates and work to develop early detection methods and better treatment options to help improve outcomes for those diagnosed with the most deadly forms of cancer, including myeloma, pancreatic and lung cancer. In the first two years, NCI will focus on pancreatic and lung cancer, and the Director can expand to focus on other deadly cancers, including myeloma in future years.

Advocacy Tip of the Month

**Myeloma Awareness Month: Support Group Leader Jerry Walton explains how easy it is to pass a proclamation in your hometown. “Having seen the relentless political struggles over the Fiscal Cliff and related issues of late, my first thought was ‘How can any dealing with government be simple?’ But no kidding, to my surprise it really was! Read Jerry's story and then sign up today! **
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