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Over 3,000 Holiday “Gifts” Delivered to Congress in First Postcards for Parity Drive
Wrapped Up Since May, advocates have asked their friends, family, neighbors, church members, knitting circles, doctors and nurses to take a moment for myeloma patients and fill out a postcard for HR2746. The last six-months have culminated in over 3100 people urging members of Congress to co-sponsor HR2746, the Cancer Drug Coverage Parity Act. I want to personally thank each and EVERY person who participated, whether you filled out a postcard at a neighbor's house or you personally carried postcards with you everywhere you went for months asking everyone you saw to fill one out. Thank you for making this first round an unbelievable success!

Ohio's SB194 is Finally Heard
ohio statehouse On Tuesday November 13th, SB194, the Cancer Treatment Modernization Act was heard in front of the Ohio Senate Insurance, Commerce and Labor Committee. Advocate Dave McPeek testified on behalf of the IMF, and shared with the committee the pain and frustration he and his family experienced when faced with the reality that the necessary treatment for his myeloma was financially out of reach. Thank you to all the Ohio Advocates who wrote to Committee Chair state Senator Kevin Bacon asking for a hearing.

The Atlanta Area Support Groups Step Up to the Plate
Atlanta SGsThis month we honor all members of the Atlanta Area Support Groups as our Advocates of November 2012 for their contribution to our Postcards for Parity Program. With their hard work we delivered over 400 postcards to six Congressional legislators asking them to co-sponsor HR2746. Read how they accomplished this achievement here.

Election Wrap Up
With the end of the election season, the IMF is moving forward with its work to ensure that key provisions of health reform that provide high quality of care for cancer patients are maintained. In doing so, we will continue to educate legislators at the state and federal level about the needs of cancer patients, and, working with our coalition of cancer organizations, we will continue to provide input in Washington as they determine policies and regulations. Learn More Here

Advocacy Tip of the Month

** This holiday season we are starting the next round of the Postcards for Parity Program early! Email Aimee now to stock up on postcards for all of your neighborhood holiday parties and wonderful family gatherings. **
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Upcoming Advocacy Opportunities

Do you live in Atlanta or the surrounding areas? This December we will be hosting our 3rd Annual Advocate Lunch & Learn at ASH. We are very excited to have an opportunity to be on the ground with advocates from Georgia to build a strong Georgian Action Team. You will learn the basics of Advocacy, and also the current political landscape for cancer patients posts the 2012 elections.
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Want to join the National Action Team? We are excited to announce the formal formation of IMF's Advocate Action Team. Starting in December we will have monthly conference calls discussing what the Advocacy Team is working on and how you can make an impact in your community. Email Aimee to join the team!

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