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Winter 2003/2004 Volume 5, Issue 9:
Did You Know?

Earn American Express® Points

The American Express® card makes giving easier. You can now donate online through a secure website at www.guidestar.org/partners/amex/index.jspand earn Membership Rewards® points when you charge your contribution to an eligible, enrolled American Express Card. You will receive an email confirmation minutes after making your contribution. Best of all, donating online helps us reduce administrative costs. And that means we’re able to put your generous support directly into research for a cure, patient and family initiatives, and educational conferences, workshops, and seminars. The IMF is proud to be listed on the American Express Donation site.

Matching Gifts

Some employers will match employee’s gifts to the IMF. To obtain a matching gift form, please contact your employer’s personnel or employee relations office. Send the form, accompanied by your donation, to the IMF and we will do the rest.

Real Estate

Real property, either in entirety or in part, can be deeded to the IMF. It is possible to arrange a sizable tax deduction by deeding a home to the IMF while continuing to occupy the property for life.

Gifts with Lifelong Income

Donors can transfer money, securities, or real estate in trust to the IMF and receive income for themselves or others for life. Donors may receive immediate tax benefots. And, ultimately, the IMF will receive the trust property.

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