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June 2000 Volume 3, Issue 9:
FACE-ing Cancer
By Greg Brozeit
A campaign to put a face on cancer
Do you want to get your message across to Congress that we need more cancer research now? Then join the IMF and other members of the cancer community in a project called "Face-ing Cancer".

"Face-ing Cancer" is a grassroots advocacy campaign designed to show lawmakers the "real" faces of people touched by cancer. Please consider doing the following project in your support groups, meetings with other patients, or just on your own.

Take part in "Face-ing Cancer". We need your help to make this campaign effective this summer. Here are some suggestions how you can participate:

  1. Make your appeal in the form of a postcard. Create your postcard by taking individual pictures of patients and family members, preferably with an instant camera. If you do not have an instant camera, try a low-cost disposable camera;
  2. Write a short note in support of cancer research funding and attach it with double- sided tape to the back of the snapshot;
  3. Send the postcards to your members of Congress to ask for their support for more cancer research funding.

"Face-ing Cancer" is an effective way to link the faces and experiences of families facing cancer. Your postcards will personalize the need for more federal support for cancer research, prevention and control. This project will show Congress the many faces of cancer. It will demonstrate how deeply cancer affects our community.

Lawmakers need to hear from you, their constituents. They need to know that their support of cancer research funding touches "real" people from their states and districts. By participating in "Face-ing Cancer", you will help in the fight against our common enemy. Your faces and your messages will make a difference! s

If you have any questions, please contact IMF Advocacy Consultant Greg Brozeit at (818) 728-4291, by fax at (818) 783-6985, or via e-mail at greg.brozeit@worldnet.att.net

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