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April 2001 Volume 4, Issue 4:
Local Support Groups Host Myeloma Faculty

In keeping with tradition, the Los Angeles Area Support Group hosted the last meeting of the year 2000 as a celebration of the camaraderie that is so important to living with myeloma. Over 150 myeloma patients and caregivers gathered in Newport Beach for this annual event.

On behalf of the Southern California Myeloma Support Groups, Sheila Field extended a warm welcome to all that attended and thanked Janet Johnson, Chair of the Los Angeles Area Support Group, and Fred Gloor, Chair of the San Diego Area Support Group, for their tireless efforts on behalf of myeloma patients and their families.

Sheila then thanked Novartis Pharmaceuticals and The Colony at Fashion Island for their assistance with the event. Novartis Pharmaceuticals had made a donation to the Circle of Friends Myeloma Research Grant Fund in tribute to all members of the support group. The Circle of Friends sponsored two of this year?s IMF Brian D. Novis research awards, directly supporting the vision of a cure for myeloma through the funding of research grants.

The meeting featured lectures on new advances in biology and treatment of myeloma by IMF Scientific Advisor Dr. James Berenson and his colleague Dr. Robert Vescio. The text of Dr. Vescio?s presentation, The Role of High-Dose Therapy in Multiple Myeloma, appears elsewhere in this issue. Dr. Berenson?s contribution to the ?Ask the Experts? column, an overview of hypercalcemia, will appear in the next issue.

Art & Janet Johnson, Mary Lou Porter, Sheila Field, and Clyde Porter of the ?Circle of Friends? with IMF Director of Development Romi Brozeit

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