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Myeloma Minute
March 6, 2014

March 6, 2014

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Thursday, March 13, 2014
IMF Teleconference:
"Chemo Brain – Is It Real?"
4 pm PT / 7 pm ET

Saturday, March 22, 2014
Regional Community Workshop
Ft. Myers - Estero, Florida

Featured speakers:
Rachid Baz, MD
Kenneth H. Shain, MD, PhD
Elizabeth Finley-Oliver, RN, OCN
Moffitt Cancer Center

Refreshments and lunch provided.
Registration: 9:00 - 10:00 AM
Meeting: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Saturday, April 26, 2014
Regional Community Workshop
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Watch Top Myeloma Experts Share Insights on Latest Research and Treatment News

Some of the top myeloma experts gathered in Boca Raton, FL last weekend for the highly anticipated IMF Patient & Family Seminar. IMF President Susie Novis and IMF Chairman Dr. Brian Durie moderated the daylong wide-ranging panel discussions and audience Q&A sessions, presented live on the IMF website on Saturday, March 1st and now available for viewing HERE. Panelists included Drs. Ola Landgren, Shaji Kumar (at right), Edward Stadtmauer, Suzanne Lentzsch, and Ken Anderson (also at right), discussing clinical trials, new drugs, and quality of life issues. Plus, don't miss Dr. Landgren's special presentation, "Black Swan Research Initiative® Perspectives." Click HERE to view the 2014 IMF Patient & Family Seminar.



New Research Study Finds African Americans Have Higher Prevalence of Myeloma Precursor

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic, the National Cancer Institute, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently concluded a study examining what risk factors may cause African Americans to have a higher prevalence of the precursor to multiple myeloma than Caucasians. "We have known for a long time that there is a marked racial disparity in multiple myeloma, but the big question has been why that disparity exists," said Vincent Rajkumar, MD, a senior author of the study and Professor of Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. READ MORE ABOUT THIS NEW STUDY HERE.




Calling All Georgia Residents – Take Action

The IMF is working to ensure that a bill passed by the Georgia House (HB 943), which would impose a monthly $200 out-of-pocket cap for patients taking oral anticancer treatments, does not become law. The IMF and coalition partners are opposing the bill. According to a recent study in the Journal of Oncology Practice and American Journal of Managed Care, 10% of cancer patients failed to fill their initial prescription when the cost was more than $100. Please contact your legislators to prevent a bad bill from becoming law. TAKE ACTION


Congratulations to Our New Medical Writer!

The IMF is pleased to announce that Debbie Birns will serve as the organization's Medical Writer. Debbie has been with the IMF since late 2001, most recently in the role of Hotline Coordinator. She has played a pivotal role in that position, aiding myeloma patients, their families, and their caregivers. Prior to coming to the IMF, Debbie worked as a manuscript editor for the University of California Press, as a cancer information specialist for the National Cancer Institute's program at UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, and as a regulatory writer for the oncology Clinical Research Unit at UCLA. She has a deep knowledge of and compassion for myeloma patients and their families, and will continue to fight for them in this new role. "It's been a rare privilege to speak with so many patients and their family members over the past 12 years on the IMF Hotline," says Debbie. "I thank you for giving me your trust, for sharing your questions and concerns with me, and for making this part of my work so rewarding."

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