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October 2002 Volume 5, Issue 3:
Wamp Swim 2002
By Elizabeth M. Stafford

On July 20, 2002 my siblings and I sponsored the Second Annual Wamp Swim. The event was hosted by Wampanoag Country Club in West Hartford, Connecticut where we are members and where I coach the swim team. Equipped with caps, goggles and a desire to raise money swimmers ranging in age from four to fifty took to the lanes and raised almost $13,000.00.

In February of 2001 my father Jeffrey was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. My siblings; Julianne (17), Christopher (14), Courtney (12), and myself (20), were driven to try and make our situation better. Armed with ambition and not a lot of know-how we were able to combine business with pleasure and raise money to help change the fate of people like our dad. This year armed with even more ambition and a little more know-how I was able to bring in twelve sponsors to donate money as well as goods to make our event a success.

The support of the Wampanoag community, the swim team, the parents, and the employees truly made this event a success. However, more importantly, without the support of the IMF my father might not be as healthy as he is today. We owe a great deal of health and happiness to the IMF and for this we are forever grateful. I have had an amazing experience as a member of the IMF family and know that that will only continue.

From my family to yours,

Thank you

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