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KOS 2007: Novel Immunotherapy Strategies in Multiple Myeloma
By Nikhil Munshi, MD
Nikhil Munshi, MD
Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Boston MA, USA

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Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Boston MA, USA

by Lynne Lederman, Phd

Dr. Munshi discussed additional vaccination strategies, including the creation of fusion cells from myeloma cells or proteins and dendritic cells. One drawback is being able to obtain sufficient patient myeloma cells to make the vaccine, and although in a small study CD4 or CD8 T cells expressing interferon gamma were induced, this response decreased over time. Another approach is to use a peptide-based vaccine to induce cytotoxic T lymphocytes targeted to cell surface proteins expressed on myeloma cells. Targets may be selected from overexpressed genes identified by DNA microarray analysis. Immunomodulatory drugs such as lenalidomide may be useful in increasing the immune response to vaccines.

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