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Understanding Thalidomide Therapy

This booklet discusses Thalomid® (thalidomide), an oral drug that is widely used throughout the myeloma disease course in the frontline, consolidation/maintenance, and relapse settings. You will learn how thalidomide works to treat myeloma, how it may be used with other therapies, how to handle it safely, and what side effects might occur.

You can view the entire document as a PDF by clicking on the icon below, or by requesting a free hard copy from the Foundation.


Much has been learned about how thalidomide works in the treatment of different diseases and how its side effects can be treated. Additionally, we now understand how important it is to prevent women who may be pregnant from being exposed to thalidomide.

Many patients with myeloma have benefited from this therapy. Thalidomide is also being investigated in combination with other agents for the treatment of myeloma.

The information in this booklet may be useful not only to patients, but also to friends, family, loved ones, and other caregivers. Please remember that myeloma, like all cancers, is a complicated disease. Specific questions about treatment should be addressed by a doctor or nurse.

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