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I am from Egypt, Cairo my wife suffers from 2 years ago with a multiple myeloma and had a chem o therapy with somthing called (vad)at Nasser Institute Hospital and after she made an operation to cultivate new boan marrow (AUTO) boan marrow and after that she had the thalidomide for one year as it was decided from her doctor as a precaution but after 11 months she relapced with the same disease with 80% myeloma and had another time the chem o therapy with somthing called (VCEP) for 4 times and every time takes 4 days continuous and then she will evaluate the case if there is a response for the new medicine or not if not she will have the 5th and the 6th so please advise me if there is something special I follow for our life or some kind of food and what is the end of this dramatic story because doctors are hiding some thing and does't want to tell the truth


Can you provide me with an email address so someone can contact you directly? You can either reply to me in a comment or email me at cphillis@myeloma.org. Thanks!


Thank you for your comments. As referenced in our Patient Handbook...although there is currently no cure for myeloma, it is an eminently treatable disease. Many patients go on to lead full and productive lives for years, even decades, after diagnosis. With increasing research, the overall outlook for patients is improving steadily. Knowing more about the disease, and understanding what can be done to help, reduces anxieties and makes it easier to come to terms with the diagnosis.

It would be helpful to understand your wife’s situation better; could you please send your email address and we can converse in more detail.

We have names of doctors around the world, who work with multiple myeloma as their main focus and seeing a myeloma specialist for a second opinion or consult can be very valuable.

As far as diet and general health, please see nurses blog April 4, 2012 as well as the National Cancer Institute's booklets, links to which are on our web site under the understanding myeloma tab /publications. These will give you information on a healthy diet and good nutrition - overall and for patients with myeloma.


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