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Fall 2006 Volume 6, Issue 10:
Fall 2006 Myeloma Today in PDF
Articles include:
  • REVLIMID® Approved for Myeloma
  • Update from the Israeli Association of Myeloma Patients (AMEN)
  • Shifting Focus: My "New" Life with Multiple Myeloma

Articles include:
  • Dear Reader
  • Scientific & Clinical: REVLIMID® Approved for Myeloma
  • Scientific & Clinical: Summary of New International Uniform Response Criteria for Myeloma
  • Scientific & Clinical: Progress Report from the IMF's Senior Research Grant Recipient, Manuel L. Penichet, MD, PhD
  • Scientific & Clinical: VEL-CTD in Previously Untreated Multiple Myeloma
  • Education & Awareness: Patient & Family Seminar: Portland, Oregon
  • Education & Awareness: Patient & Family Seminar: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Education & Awareness: 2006 Myeloma Awareness Week!
  • Education & Awareness: IMF's Fiscal Year 2007 Funding Priorities and Call to Action
  • Special Event: Last Chance to Join Us for the IMF's 16th Anniversary Gala!
  • International: Europeans Attend IMF Support Group Leaders Retreat
  • International: Update from the Israeli Association of Myeloma Patients (AMEN)
  • International: Ontario Covers Myeloma Drug
  • International: IMF Latin America Hosts Five Patient & Family Seminars
  • Supportive Care: Osteonecrosis of the Jaw and Oral Care
  • Supportive Care: Mayo Clinic Consensus Statement for the Use of Bisphosphonates in Myeloma
  • Supportive Care: IMF Hotline Coordinators Answer Your Questions: "Do you have any tips for drug access and reimbursement, especially for Revlimid®?"
  • Support Groups: Spotlight on Portland Oregon
  • Support Groups: The Philadelphia Story!
  • Support Groups: The IMF Welcomes New Myeloma Support Groups
  • Patient & Caregiver Experience: Shifting Focus: My "New" Life with Multiple Myeloma
  • Patient & Caregiver Experience: How I Celebrated My 8th Birthday
  • Member Events: 13th Birthday Celebration Honors Myeloma Survivor
  • Member Events: Terry DuBois Celebrates His 65th Birthday with a Bash!
  • Member Events: 5th Annual Multiple Musicians Against Multiple Myeloma
  • Member Events: 5th Annual WAMP Swim-a-Thon
  • Member Events: LaSalle Bank Chicago Distance Classic
  • Member Events: Kids Fight Back! - A New Program Just for Young People
  • Meet the IMF: A Conversation with Candace McDonald and Suzanne Battaglia
  • Meet the IMF: Board Member Profile: Gregory R. Mundy, MD
  • Meet the IMF: Scientific Advisor Profile: Jesus San Miguel, MD, PhD
  • News & Notes
  • Letters to the IMF

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