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Volume 6, Issue 3:
North Texas MM Support Group
By Peter Tischler

The North Texas Myeloma Support Group (NTMSG) had a modest beginning, only four families attended its first meeting in Arlington, Texas. As the group’s membership grew, the meetings were moved to Dallas and the NTMSG has called that city home ever since. Today, our group serves approximately 150 families from all over North-central Texas with our meetings and monthly newsletters. Some members travel hundreds of miles to attend the monthly support group meetings.

The NTMSG has always placed the greatest emphasis on sharing information, experience, and hope. The group has always been self-facilitating, with a Steering Committee of long-term members handling group direction and easing problems. The group’s medical advisor is an oncologist whose mother was the first female myeloma patient to join the support group. He treats many of our members, always makes himself available to the group for advice, and regularly makes presentations at meetings.

At our meetings, we add a star to the patients’ badges for every additional year of survival (caregivers get hearts). The NTMSG has many long-term myeloma survivors in its ranks—with a good number having double-digit survival! Concurrent with the main monthly meetings, the group conducts newcomer orientations, wherein the newly-diagnosed patients and their caregivers are brought up to speed on the latest information about myeloma.

Our motto is “Sharing The Hope.” There have been great strides in myeloma treatment over the last decade, mainly thanks to the efforts of the IMF. We have been honored to be able to host the IMF Dallas-area Patient & Family Seminars several times and always look forward to their next arrival in our city. From its inception, the NTMSG has been proud to affiliate itself with the IMF knowing that “Until There is a Cure... There is the IMF.”

Note: For more information about the NTMSG, please call Peter Tischler at 817-466-3822 or email him at serenasdad@juno.com. To have your support group profiled in Myeloma Today, please contact the IMF.

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