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October 2003 Volume 5, Issue 8:
News and Notes
Susan and Bob Haaz
Haaz Family Event a Success!
On August 3, 2003, the Haaz Family – Susan, Aaron, Jeff, and Meredith – met friends at their home and walked a mile in honor of Susan's husband, Bob, who passed away on August 30, 2002, after a courageous battle with myeloma. The walk culminated in a lovely breakfast at a nearby restaurant and everyone agreed that Bob would have been pleased at the turnout and enthusiasm with which his friends and family participated in this first-time event. They raised over $5,000 in Bob's honor to benefit IMF programs.

New MM Support Group in Austria

A new multiple myeloma support group has been established in Austria, with Ilse Hein and Doris Mayerboeck sharing responsibilities for the group. Several other patients and one caregiver are assisting with this venture. Joerg Brosig of the myeloma support group in Germany, and Henk Mittendorf of the myeloma support group in Switzerland, have also lent their support. Our thanks to our friends in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland and special thanks to Prof. Heinz Ludwig.

Mile High March for Myeloma

Friends, family, townspeople from neighboring communities all gathered in Lake Arrowhead on August 16 to celebrate Myeloma Awareness Week. In fact, there were walkers from as far away as Washington State, Oregon, San Diego, and San Francisco. The event was organized by Arrowhead resident Lisa Doyle, in honor of her father, Ed, who has myeloma. The day consisted of a walk through the village, raffles, performances by the local troupe from the Arrowhead Dance Studio and the Church of the Woods Worship Band. All proceeds from the event were donated to the IMF, and plans are already underway for next year's walk.

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