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April 2002 Volume 4, Issue 10:
By Ashley S. Barit
My mother, Jerra S. Barit, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in December of 1998, while I was still in high school. In her honor, I organized the first annual “Fashions 4 A Cure” fundraiser on May 8, 1999. With the help of friends and family, and the support of local businesses, that first event raised $5,000 to support myeloma research. Since then, three more events have been held, the most recent on March 16, 2002. The “Fashions 4 A Cure” program has now raised $45,000 for myeloma research.

Becoming involved with “Fashions 4 A Cure” has changed the lives of the Barit Family. It has bought us closer together. Also, it has helped us reconnect with friends and family. Our hope is that the funds we have raised will help my mom and the thousands of other myeloma patients.

Since my first contact with the IMF four years ago, I have become involved in many activities with the IMF. My family and I have attended the IMFPatient & Family Seminars, Senate hearings, and the IMF Ribbon of Hope – Making a World of Difference Gala. I would like to thank the staff of the IMF, especially Susie Novis, Romi Brozeit and Pam Jones for their continued support.

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