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Winter 2012/2013 Volume 9, Issue 4:
Myeloma Today Winter 2012/2013
Articles include:
  • Proteasome Inhibitors in Clinical Trials
  • Is there a recommended diet for cancer patients?
  • Strategies for Pain Management in Myeloma

Articles include:

  • Dear Reader: I sometimes like to pause during a busy day and take stock of how much has changed since the first time I heard the word myeloma over 22 years ago.
  • Special Event: Donor Appreciation Event
  • Scientific & Clinical: "Proteasome Inhibitors in Clinical Trials [Kyprolis + Dex vs Velcade +Dex]" - Myeloma Today in conversation with Dr. Robert Z. Orlowski
  • Scientific & Clinical: Medical Updates
    • Promising results increase chances of early pomalidomide approval
    • Should myeloma patients get a flu shot? If so, which one?
    • IMWG researcher shows that FISH data enhance the value of ISS staging
    • MGUS research update
    • Velcade SQ approved for myeloma in the European Union
  • Scientific & Clinical: "Proteasome Inhibitors in Clinical Trials [MLN9708]" - Myeloma Today in conversation with Dr. Sagar Lonial
  • Supportive Care: IMF Hotline Coordinators Answer Your Questions - "Is there a recommended diet for cancer patients?"
  • Nurse Leadership Board:
    • "Strategies for Pain Management in Myeloma" by Sandra Kurtin, RN, MS, AOCN, ANP-C
    • NLB member Joseph Tariman, PhD, recognized as 2012 Nurse of the Year
  • Education and Awareness: Spotlight on Advocacy
    • Upcoming Teleconference: "A Cancer Patient’s Guide to the Affordable Care Act (ACA)"
    • "Update on ACA Implementation: What’s New and What’s Next?" by Johanna Gray
    • "Missouri Advocates Shine Through Postcards for Parity" by Aimee Martin
    • "The Healthcare Landscape in the Aftermath of the 2012 Elections"
    • The IMF Advocacy Voice: Get Fired Up! Raise Your Voice! Get Out There and Take Action!
    • How to contact the IMF Advocacy Team
  • International Affiliates: Updates from Around the Globe
    • Report from Turkey by Nadia Elkebir
    • Report from Korea by Lisa Paik and Arin Assero
  • Patient & Caregiver Experience: Myeloma Today in conversation with Steven Miro
  • Member Events - IMFers Raise Funds to Benefit Myeloma Community:
    • A Tribute to Dominik Zuchowicz
    • Glenda Hinson Memorial Fund
    • Premier Designs Jewelry Show
    • Mail for the Cure
    • The Great Cell Phone Drive
    • Vehicle Donation
  • IMF Staff Updates:
    • Nadia Elkebir named Director Southern Europe & the Middle East
    • Nancy Bruno named Southeast Regional Director, Support Groups
    • Sue Enright named Midwest Regional Director, Support Groups
    • Andy Lebkuecher retires as Regional Co-Director, Support Groups Southeast
  • 2013 IMF Calendar of Events
  • Letters to the IMF

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